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Casa Antica is like Premana itself
It’s authenticity and simplicity

Casa Antica

On Lake Como in Italy we run the Art House – Casa Antica – place of creative inspiration. The objective of this project is to promote culture and to aid artists around the world. As part of this concept, we promote the idea of integration, which serves to exchange experiences and deepen knowledge.

We support artists in building their international image by growing their web of relationships, organizing exhibitions, lectures, publications, interviews and publishing. We cooporate with General Consulate of The Republic of Poland in Milan, museums and art galleries in region of Lombardia, we also work with subjects, that have similar vaules as ourselfs.

Casa Antica is like Premana itself. It’s authenticity and simplicity. Reflection of existential meaning in nature, Rituals and culture to this day alive in regional customs. We wish to enrich this intangible heritage, protect and get inspired by them. For this purpose we created this platform, as an independent website that serves for promoting ideas of this project.

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The artists house is a place for creative work

Casa Antica has its unusual aura, that favors interacting and creating

our visitors

Main role of Artists House is to ensure availabity for the creators forming visual arts (painters, cartoonists, graphic designers, photographers, sculptors) and conceptual artists, performers, movie directors, dancers, musicians, actors and writers. We also invite art collectors, journalists, curators and critics, owners of galleries and people of culture. We have one condition for our guests – we invite to Casa Antica only truth and passion.


The artists house is a place for creative work. We provide our guests with help through organization of artistic events. We help to create their own websites, we design and edit formation catalogs for collectioners. We care for content – related publications, alliances and cooperation models. We establish close relationships – we get to know ourselves, by living together and spending time with each others.

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Casa Antica has its unusual aura, that favors interacting and creating. It’s the house where you speak and listen. It is generally felt that people here see even further and deeper. You can feel your presence and meaning. To remember what is woth remembering and cultivate established relations – we run notes, publicate posts in chronicle of events and document visits. We don’t forget about having fun together durning coocking and resting, organizing full of impressions trips around the area

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