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Symbiocen project
dialogue between artists from different cultures

Casa Antica degli Artisti

The artist’s house


Casa Antica is housed in a building built some four hundred years ago. The place has fully preserved its medieval and rustic character, becoming part of the cultural map of the region. Located in the heart of the old town, it serves culture and artists. Due to its proximity to mountain paths and the lake, it is also a great area for active recreation. It is worth reading about the history of the renovation of the building, which took more than four years and is still not complete. The house can accommodate an intimate group of up to four people. After the next stage of renovation, the facility will be more comfortable, but we do not plan to make it more accessible to more numerous groups. The house already functions as an Art Gallery, which can be visited by local residents and tourists on specific days and times. As the place has the character of a small open-air museum, the art works are displayed in a natural way, integrated into the arrangement of the rooms. Some of the works are the property of the Foundation and are on permanent display. Other works are part of the ongoing programme. During the artists’ stay, residents and invited guests can meet the artists in person during „Table Talks”.


Thanks to the cooperation with the city authorities and the neighbouring municipalities, art stays and open-air events combined with exhibitions will be organised. We will not forget cultural animations, workshops, concerts, vernissages, art auctions or collectors’ meetings. All our activities are directed towards the goal of building long-lasting relationships between artists, critics, curators, gallery owners, collectors or, last but not least, public and private art institutions. We want to support the development of Young Talent by organising stays for the best students or graduates of art academies in cooperation with the Academies of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Krakow, Gdansk, Milan and Turin, and by inviting the winners of the most important competitions, in cooperation with their chapters. Our agreements with befriended entities such as RUC Rural Residency for Contemporary Art, allow us to co-organise symposia, lectures and conferences with the participation of renowned cultural figures. We nurture good relations with the media by hosting contributors from art magazines and portals.

plans for 2024

The programme involves collaborative creative work in the areas of visual arts and literature. The guiding idea is the Symbiocen project, which the artists can explore and process in any way they wish. We look forward to welcoming our friends and art experts, architects and collectors. We also intend to host the poeta Andrzej Ballo. Casa Antica is looking forward to a visit from the editors of the FORMAT Art Magazine and our friends from the UFO Art Gallery in Krakow and the Artrakt Gallery in Wrocław. In the summer, we will work together with Tomasz Pietrek and Marlena Promna. We are continuing our collaboration with Federico Troletti. We are looking at the results of Katja Noppes’ work. We are looking forward to the visit of Massimo Kaufmanand the results of the collaboration with Yari Miele and the Associazione Amici dei Musei di Cantu and Casa degli Artisi Milano. We also give ourselves over completely to design and physical work in the beautiful place that is Valcamonica, where, together with Giulia Mazzolani, we are creating Casa Mia, a house for artists within the RUC Rural Residency for Contemporary Art.

The artist’s house

The main core of our activities will be international residency programmes. During the residency, artists will live and work with or alongside each other.

Our core programme – covering a variety of disciplines: visual arts, literature, music, theatre, design, architecture, dance, cultural animation – will provide studio and working tools, shared food and sometimes cash benefits for a limited period of time. The programmes will vary in the duration of the residency and the focus on the end result, which may be the production of a work with its exhibition, the publication of research or site-specific activities. An artist residency is a creative exchange. In exchange for the comfort of their work and the stimuli that may inspire it, the authors will create a painting, a sculpture, a site-specific installation and donate their work, additionally co-organising an exhibition or sharing their knowledge by conducting workshops.

When promoting residency trips, we will distinguish between four basic programme types :

Casa Antica

Educational and promotional involving the collaboration of artists with curators, critics and institutions
Creative freedom allowing for intensive artistic activity, with all living arrangements taken care of
Community enabling collaboration with other artists and building an international network
Productive taking into account unique means and tools

All stays, will aim to establish a dialogue between artists from different cultures, which will take place through exchanges abroad. Our Art Houses will also operate on the principle of art colonies, focusing on creative contacts between participants and organising excursions to friendly places. Highlights will include visits to galleries and artists’ studios, as well as curator-led tours of museums in Milan, Turin and the Swiss city of Lugano.

Ultimately, we will be able to host a group of several people at a time. Integration will take place in a shared kitchen with a dining area, surrounded by art. There will be a well-equipped library with a reading room „space of concentration” and a work area for writers, critics or journalists. Art studios, with separate areas for work and rest, together with the possibility of reorganising the space into small stages (performances, lectures, literary readings) will be located in separate rooms: the resources of the city (old workshops). Open-air exhibitions of sculptures, ceramics and art installations as well as Summer Cinema, performances, dance and literary readings will take place in the streets of the city. Space will be set aside for post-air temporary exhibitions. The studios will be open to possible visitors so that they can watch the artists at work. There will also be a 'virtual art’ exhibition (projectors/illuminations) using the main façade and recesses of the buildings.

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In any media release (publication, book, film, interviews, articles and catalogues), we will publicise the names of the people, and the logos of the institutions that will help us create and run the project.