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Main role of Artists House is to ensure availabity for the creators forming visual arts (painters, cartoonists, graphic designers, photographers, sculptors) and conceptual artists, performers, movie directors, dancers, musicians, actors and writers. We also invite art collectors, journalists, curators and critics, owners of galleries and people of culture. We have one condition for our guests – we invite to Casa Antica only truth and passion.


Eckehard Fuchs
Katja Noppes
Wilga Badowska
Lidia Kucharzewska
Edyta Rakwał
Ania i Andrzej Nigbor
Andrzej Borowski
Yari Miele
Marlena Promna
Tomasz Pietrek

Press materials

The artists house is a place for creative work. We provide our guests with help through organization of artistic events. We help to create their own websites, we design and edit formation catalogs for collectioners. We care for content – related publications, alliances and cooperation models. We establish close relationships – we get to know ourselves, by living together and spending time with each others. Casa Antica has its unusual aura, that favors interacting and creating. It’s the house where you speak and listen. It is generally felt that people here see even further and deeper. You can feel your presence and meaning. To remember what is woth remembering and cultivate established relations – we run notes, publicate posts in chronicle of events and document visits. We don’t forget about having fun together durning coocking and resting, organizing full of impressions trips around the area.

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ART Gallery

A visit to Casa Antica is a wonderful adventure. Visitors can personally encounter art at its best. As the place has the character of a small open-air museum, the artworks are displayed in a natural way, integrated into the arrangement of the rooms. Some of the works are the property of the Foundation and are permanent exhibitions. Others are part of the ongoing programme. Catalogues, commemorative greeting cards, ceramics, hand-painted scarves and some of the exhibited works can be purchased, thus building a valuable collection and supporting the artists and this project.

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