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Culture and tradition is living in Casa Antica

You would like to explore the most beautiful places on Lake Como on your own, or maybe you need a travel companion? If you are an artist, here you find great inspiration, space to create and oportunity to present your art to the public

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Residence regulations

By crossing stone arch of an old house by Vie Trento e Trieste 4, you will enter a diffrent world. Dont be suprised that here, rules semi-darkness and chill. House was built four hundred years ago. It is a very old house. Narrow alleys give you a shadow durning heat and warmth durning winters. House has its scent. It also has a folded personality. Cement floor of main hall have cracks and refractions, and so have beautifully uneven walls in the rooms and stairwell. Just lock the doors behind you. To open them again, pull old hasp to yourself. Never leave the house without a key.

On the street you will arouse curiosity. It is polite to greet every passer-by with the word Salve, which is adequate to every time of the day. Remember dear guest – you are our ambassador.

Culture and tradition is living in Casa Antica

Mind your head. The doors are low here. You are in Italy, local residents are not well known for their height. The hallway and the bathroom (corridoio e bagno) have the youngest design – from the 60s. We kept it unchanged. Therefore, forgive us that there is no wash basin. Little Vasca is perfectly sutied for the task instead. In it, you can wash your hands and legs, also you can use  it to do your laundry. Save water. Water is provided to the house dircetly from the mountain spring. There is not always adequate pressure. Do not get angry that the water can be cold. We need to warmth it by using boiler made in times of John F. Kennedy. The boiler needs time to heat up the water, it also  consumes a lot of electricity, so don’t forget to turn it off after usage. Soggiorno e cucina, which means Living room and kitchen,  have a real suprise for you. Look with care at the chestnut wood of the ceilings and the wooden beams made of alpine larch. Look at the details. Do you already know what hangers are made out of and from what are curtain rods?  Therefore, appreciate that you sleep on somewhat strange pillows, covered with a Cushion cover. If you feel cold, cover yourself with a bedspread. Remember that you are at a considerable height and your body needs time to acclimatize, you might be feeling a little sleepy.

Create your art collection

You will be surrounded by artworks

To pay us for your visit, leave a donation that will also take into account your consumo. The donation will be used for further renovations and maintenance of the property. In addition, you can purchase a work of art from our collection. You will take a wonderful souvenir with you and support the artist who made the work. You also make this beautiful place lively and well-groomed

We ask you to remember, don’t enter the balcony, basement and attic. We invite you to use the room with fireplace in it and our library. Please save electricity and water. If you need internet we will give you our WiFi password. Don’t get angry at creaking beds or stairs. You will be amazed by the unevenness of the walls and floor. Nothing here is stylized as you might expect. Here, the only stylization is wood and stone.

Do not worry about the fact that the contacts have double holes, thanks to this they fit into Italian and European plugins. Thanks to bats in the area, there are no mosquitoes here, so you can say thanks to our winged friends. Sleep with the window open and you will feel what clean air is.


Do not be frightened by the number of stairs, after returning to your reality you will have a good condition. The nearest surroundings are filled with various mountain trails, each has a different difficulity. In the drawers you will find maps of these routes, we will tell you which trail you should visit, and even take you to specially beautiful places. Remember that by entering this house you agree to the publication of your image. We will take pictures for our chronicle and insert posts on social media.

We are eating together. We know where to buy good quality food, which is why we shop and cook together. If you want to go for a trip – great! There is a large car in our equipment. We will take you wherever you want, just refuel the car on the road.

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